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HARP COVID-19 Sprint Challenge Final Report

Final Report of the Nesta Y Lab HARP Sprint Challenge programme 2020

Author: Rosie Dow, Programme Manager, Y Lab, Nesta

Story Gathering

During Lockdown, People Speak Up delivered an inter-generational storytelling project over zoom with pupils from Coed Cae Secondary school and Cillymaenwlyd care Home in Llanelli.

Author: PeopleSpeakUp

Portrait Masterclass

A 30 min introduction to portraiture. Commissioned by Arts Council of Wales during the lockdown of 2020 to be an online resource for all hosted initially by Hwb Education platform.

Author: Bill Taylor-Beales

How the arts in Wales are supporting mental health and well-being during Covid-19

WAHWN film highlighting how the arts have responded to Covid-19 and supported mental health and well-being of NHS staff and communities across Wales

Author: WAHWN, ACW


Using art to capture a sense of self during antidepressant treatment

This was a collaboration between professional artists, clinical researchers and people suffering from depression; to extend the exploration of experiential effects of antidepressant treatment.

Author: Dr Susan Liggett, Dr Karen Heald

Cardiff & Vale UHB Arts and Health Charity Report

The latest bi-annual report from Cardiff & Vale UHB Arts and Health Charity including projects and interventions during Covid-19

Author: Cardiff & Vale UHB Arts and Health Charity

Press Release Welsh NHS Briefing Paper May 2020

Press release accompanying the Welsh NHS Confederation May briefing paper focusing on how the arts are supporting and health and social care thorugh the Covid-19 crisis.

Author: Welsh NHS Confederation

Dance Delivery during Lockdown, Dance and Health for Families

An exploration of online dance delivery from NDCWales during the Lockdown.

NDCWales created a range of online activity during the Lockdown. Titled Kin Connected. Amongst this activity was project led by Angharad Harrop one of our Dance Ambassadors, targeted at families.

Author: Guy O'Donnell

A Brief History of Healing

Arcade Campfa and Llandough Hospital

Arts and mental well-being collaboration between Arcade Campfa and Cardiff & Vale University Health Board working with six artists

Author: Gail Howard

Arts to Improve health and wellbeing in social care Welsh NHS Confederation Briefing Paper

Briefing paper prepared by the Welsh NHS Confederation in advance of the February 2020 Cross Party Group on Arts and Health.

Author: Welsh NHS Confederation

Social Prescribing and the Role of the Arts

Four video presentations from the WAHWN Social Prescribing and the Role of the Arts training workshop with Jane Willis of Willis Newson, includes the wider social prescribing context in UK and Wales

Author: Sharon Harries, Curious Ostrich

Touch A Flower, Talk to Me

An interactive textile arts project for University Hospital Llandough

This project was commissioned to capture the essence of Rookwood Hospital via memories to support the transition of services from Rookwood Hospital to University Hospital Llandough.

Author: Marion Cheung

Project Induction Checklist

An essential checklist tool to support the quality and planning of arts and health projects with health partners and stakeholders and interventions developed by Willis Newson with WAHWN members

Author: Willis Newson

Vountary Code of Practice

Through consultation with WAHWN members, Willis Newson have drawn up a Voluntary Code of Practice for artists and freelancers to include on their websites, or when responding to opportunities

Author: Willis Newson

Creative Care Homes


Music, dance and arts and crafts workshops were delivered in Denbighshire care homes, upskilling frontline care staff and improving well-being of residents through creative activities

Author: Sian Fitzgerald, Jo McGregor

Live Music Now case study on the impact of live music in social care and care homes

Health & wellbeing benefits for residents, staff and setting at Woffington House

A study on the impact of live music activities delivered by LMN Wales musicians on the health and wellbeing of the residents, staff and setting, at Woffington House, Tredegar, between 2016 - 2019.

Author: Douglas Noble & Claire Cressey

Coming Home to the Arts

Life Stories with Veteran communities

Coming Home to the Arts is a programme of arts participation and Life Story performances with veterans, veteran families and community members.

Author: Karin Diamond


Dementia Life Stories

Memoria: People living with dementia and their families share their experiences via Life Story Theatre and creative group work throughout Wales.

Author: Karin Diamond


Play About Dementia

Belonging/Perthyn is an award-winning bilingual theatre play that explores issues facing people living with dementia, their families, and health and social care professionals in Wales.

Author: Karin Diamond



cARTrefu provides high-quality creative activities for older people living in care homes across Wales and has been proven to have a significant impact on residents, staff and artists.

Author: Kelly Barr, Sarah Lord

Pathway to Hope

Site specific art project in Traumatic Brain Injury Unit, Morriston Hospital.

Many traumatic brain injury patients experience feelings of isolation and hopelessness. This project involved patients co-creating artwork, contributing to a sense of belonging and a positive outlook.

Author: Heather Parnell, Capital Arts Manager

Forget Me Not Chorus

Penylan House Care Home

Forget-me-not Chorus aims to bring joy and meaning back into the lives of those living with and those affected by dementia through the power of song.

Author: Sarah Teagle

Caban Sgriblio

Creative Writing to Develop Health and Well Being in Young People

Caban Sgriblio was a creative writing for wellbeing project, run by Peak, for young people facing disadvantage, poor mental health and rural isolation.

Author: Emma Beynon & Uschi Turoczy

Beat Boxing Pensioners

1 in 4 older people in Wales say they are lonely. Live Music Now Wales found an offbeat way to tackle this problem. This short film by BBC Wales (Slate) highlights the outcomes.

Author: BBC Slate

Arts Should Be Available on Prescription

GP, Dr Daisy Fancourt argues that doctors should be able to prescribe arts to patients they think would benefit

Author: Dr Daisy Fancourt

cARTrefu Film

The cARTrefu film was created by Clare Sturges and produced by Age Cymru to promote the impact of creativity in care homes through the cARTrefu project. The film is available with Welsh subtitles.

Author: Clare Sturges

Dance to Health

Falls Prevention programme

A pioneering falls prevention dance programme for older people developed by Aesop and delivered in partnership with Swansea Bay University Health Board

Author: Tim Joss, Aesop and Prue Thimbleby Swansea Bay UHB

cARTrefu Adroddiad Gwerthuso 2015 - 2017: Creu artistiaid o breswylwyr

Rhaglen gyfranogi a mentora celf genedlaethol mewn cartrefi gofal

Author: Algar-Skaife, K., Caulfield, M. & Woods

cARTrefu Evaluation Report 2015 - 2017: Creating Artists in Residents

A national arts in care homes participatory and mentoring programme.

Author: Algar-Skaife, K., Caulfield, M. & Woods

Dance to Health Swansea Bay Health Board

A falls prevention project

Dance to Health is run by Aesop (Arts Enterprise with a Social Purpose) It combines evidence-based falls prevention principles with the creativity, expression and energy of dance.

Author: Prue Thimbleby


Creatvity, Dance and Movement in Recovery

Case study summary of a pilot dance and movement sessions with patients recovering from the effects of a stroke at Llandough Hospital, South Wales

Author: Melanie Wotton

Dance and Health in Wales

A 4 minute film created by National Dance Company Wales, commissioned by WAHWN showcasing exemplary dance for health and dance for falls prevention programmes and interventions across Wales

Author: National Dance Company Wales


Pregnancy and Maternal Mental Health

Gravida Project is the very first project in Wales that looks at creativity through pregnancy, and maternal mental health.

Author: Carrie Westwater

Flow Creativity Dance and Movement in Recovery

Rubicon Dance and CVUHB Stroke Rehabilitation Centre

Pilot project using Creative Movement sessions to improve confidence and social experience for patients in the UHL Stroke Rehabilitation Centre

Author: Sharon Teear, Rubicon Dance

English National Ballet/National Dance Company Wales Dance for Parkinson’s Class

Dance for Parkinsons Class, Dance House, Cardiff and Blackwood Miners Institute

Dance for Parkinson's classes are a fun, informal way to discover the themes of our dance pieces. Class has been proven to support people with Parkinson’s in everyday life.

Author: Guy O'Donnell

Why We Dance

Young people sharing why they dance.

Author: Avant Cymru

Breakin for Better Mental Health

Teacher uses own experiences to help students express

Article on Avant's teacher Jamie Berry

Author: BBC

BBC Wales - Dance for Parkinsons

Short BBC film footage about Dance for Parkinsons class in South Powys

Author: BBC Wales

When We Dance We Feel (Strictly Parkinsons )

Short film by Eleanor Brown

Author: Eleanor Brown

Cardiff and Vale UHB Art Team Report

Cardiff & Vale UHB Art Team's report of first six months of activity.

Author: Simone Joslyn

Birth Cafe

People Speak Up Pilot project, Ffwrnes Theatre, Llanelli

In partnership with Dr Tracy Evans we created a five week pilot project that offered space for women to share their birth stories. Through speaking and listening to the body.

Author: Eleanor Shaw & Tracy Evans

Dementia and Imagination

Dementia and Imagination was a large arts and science collaboration of universities, artists, charities and providers of cultural services working together through five inter-linked projects.

Author: Gill Windle

A Pathway to Hope - Traumatic Brain Injury Unit Project

Testimonials from ABMU Health Board about the benefits and value of A Pathway to Hope capital project engagement.

Author: Heather Parnell

Reading Friends Wales

Reading Friends is the UK-wide programme from the Reading Agency. It has been co-created with older people with local project partners and is aimed at reducing social isolation and loneliness.

Author: Bob Gelsthorpe, Literature Wales

Doniau Cudd/Hidden Talents

Hidden Talents/Doniau Cudd is an accessible music project tackling loneliness through music for people with learning disabilities, organised by Canolfan Gerdd William Mathias in North Wales.

Awdur: Canolfan Gerdd William Mathias. Film produced by Amcan.Cymru

Traumatic Brain Injury Service Project

Engaging traumatic brain injury patients in a creative capital project at Morriston Hospital, Swansea with a focus on rehabilitative care.

Author: Heather Parnell

Concerts and Cakes

Live Music Now in the Community

Author: Heather Chandler

PeopleSpeakUp Story Care and Share video

A short film commissioned by WAHWN highlighting the benefits of storytelling gatherings for people affected by cancer and life limiting illnesses at The Ffwrnes Fach, Ffwrnes Theatre, Llanelli.

Author: PeopleSpeakUp

Story Care and Share

Stori Gofal a Rhannu

Fortnightly storytelling gatherings for people affected by cancer and life limiting illnesses at The Ffwrnes Fach, Ffwrnes Theatre, Llanelli.

Author: Eleanor Shaw

'Reconstructing Ourselves' - An arts and research project improving patient experience

ABMU Health Board and Swansea University visual arts and storytelling project with women undergoing complex breast reconstruction.

Author: Prue Thimbleby, ABMU and Sarah Wright, Swansea University

Remote Choir / Côr Pellenig

Singing, technology and connection in Pembrokeshire

Participatory singing project piloted by Span Arts, for isolated, housebound people in rural West Wales. Singing and digital technology were used to increase wellbeing and reduce loneliness.

Author: Rowan Matthiessen (Span Arts)

ArtWorks Cymru Quality Principles

These are designed to help you think about how to make the good work you do even better, to show the value of this practice, and to make sure participants get the best experiences possible.

Author: ArtWorks Cymru

Creative Conversations

An arts inspired development programme for the dementia care workforce

The aim of this research was to develop skills of dementia care staff using the arts.

Author: Dr Katherine Algar-Skaife

The Arts in Dementia Care

Dementia and Imagination

The role of the arts in Dementia and Imagination research project. Presented at WAHWN conference Jan 24/2019

Author: Prof. Gill Windle & Dr Carys Jones

Literature In the Community

Dementia, depression, and the "reading cure"

PDF file to accompany a presentation by Helen Wilcox, (Professor of English Literature at Bangor University) at WAHWN conference Jan 2019.

Author: Prof. Helen Wilcox

cARTrefu: Creating artists in residents. A national arts in care homes participatory and mentoring programme. Evaluation report 2015-2017.

The cARTrefu project is delivered by Age Cymru, funded by the Baring Foundation and Arts Council of Wales. This evaluation by DSDC Wales, Bangor University was launched in the Senedd in October 2017.

Author: Katherine Algar-Skaife

Exploring digital fiction as a tool for teenage body image bibliotherapy

Research article describing results of pilot study on digital fiction use for bibliotherapy and expressive writing in teenagers in Wales.

Author: Astrid Ensslin

Dementia a Dychymyg

Crynodeb Ymchwil 1: Archwilio sylfeini theoretaidd rhaglenni celf weledol i bobl sy'n byw gyda dementia.

Awdur: Dr. Gill Windle

Dementia and Imagination Research Summary 1

Research Summary 1: Exploring the theoretical foundations of visual art programmes for people living with dementia.

Author: Dr. Gill Windle

Dementia and Imagination: Research Summary 2

Research Summary 2: the impact of a visual arts programme on quality of life, communication and well-being of people living with dementia.

Author: Dr. Gill Windle

Egwyddorion Ansawdd Artworks Cymru

Beth mae "ansawdd" yn ei olygu pan fyddwch yn creu gwaith gyda phobl? Sut fyddwn ni’n gwybod pan fyddwn yn gweld / teimlo / clywed ansawdd? Beth sydd angen i ni ei wneud i sicrhau ansawdd?

Awdur: Rhian Hutchings

Dementia and Imagination: a mixed-methods protocol for arts and science research

Dementia and Imagination is a multidisciplinary research collaboration bringing together arts & science to address current evidence limitations around the benefits of art activities in dementia care.

Author: Dr. Gill Windle

Reconstructing Ourselves-An arts and research project improving patient experience

Reconstructing Ourselves' was an eighteen-month arts project that brought together a visual artist, a storyteller and a qualitative researcher.

Author: Prue Thimbleby

Pecyn Cymorth Artistiaid mewn Ysbytai

Mae'r canllaw hwn wedi'i gynhyrchu gan dîm bach o unigolion sydd wedi rhannu eu dealltwriaeth o'r materion hyn o wahanol swyddi o fewn maes Celfyddydau ac Iechyd.

Awdur: Prue Thimbleby

Artist's Handbook: A Guide for Artists Working in the Hospital Environment

This guide has been produced by a small team of individuals who have shared their understanding of these issues from different positions within the field of Arts and Health.

Author: Prue Thimbleby

Artist and Partner Toolkit - Towards Creative Partnerships

This Toolkit was developed from conversations between Addo and Dr. Susan Liggett (Glyndwr University) around issues of developing quality artist projects.

Author: Addo and Dr. Susan Liggett

Dance to Health

Dance to Health, smuggles evidence-based exercise programmes into creative, social and engaging dance activity

Author: Aesop