Strictly Parkinsons

Authors(s), Creator(s) and Contributors: Producer, Eleanor Brown, , Text contributed by Dr Sophia Hulbert, Heidi Wilson, and members of Strictly Parkinsons

Publication Date: 30/08/2022

Categories: Audio / Video

Supporter(s)/Funder(s): PAVO, the Gwendolin and Margaret Davies Seed Fund, South Powys Parkinsons Support Group


To access this video a password is required. Both in English and Welsh the password is Strictly Parkinsons. We are very lucky to have had advice and text from Dr Sophia Hulbert, Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist and Clinical Academic and Heidi Wilson, Dance for Parkinsons practitioner and Lecturer at Cardiff Met. Our group was established about 8 years ago and has flourished since apart from being affected by lockdown when some of us continued to dance on zoom but were happy to return to face to face dancing. Our aim is to have this video playing in Doctors Surgeries locally. We have also contacted local Physiotherapists and OTs to ask them to mention us to people living with Parkinsons and their carers. The sessions are friendly and fun so as well as exercising the social inclusion involved is very important for wellbeing. We really do go home smiling.

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Tags: dance, arts health, parkinsons

Strictly Parkinsons