Case Study: Caban Sgriblio

Authors(s), Creator(s) and Contributors: Emma Beynon & Uschi Turoczy , Justine Wheatley

Publication Date: 11/11/2019

Categories: Case Studies

Supporter(s)/Funder(s): Peak, Children In Need.

Creative Writing to Develop Health and Well Being in Young People


Caban Sgriblio offered weekly creative writing sessions to young people. The workshops were led by professional writers who used creative writing and digital media to promote positive mental wellbeing. Creative activities allowed the young people to develop their communication skills as well as offering them the opportunity to reflect positively upon their lives. The outcomes achieved were: improved self-confidence, enhanced communication skills (both oral and written) and reduced social isolation. The young writers developed networks of friends within which they felt supported and appreciated. The collaborative nature of digital media further strengthened their friendship bonds in a supportive but relaxed environment. Young people and their carers appreciated the positive impact of creative writing: ‘Thank you for this whole club because my imagination spreads and confidence explodes inside my body’. Participant aged 11

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Caban Sgriblio