Cardiff and Vale UHB Art Team Report

Authors(s), Creator(s) and Contributors: Simone Joslyn

Publication Date: 07/06/2019

Categories: Evaluation / Reports

Supporter(s)/Funder(s): Arts Council of Wales Colwinston Charitable Trust


Six months after establishing a dedicated arts fund as part of the Cardiff & Vale Health Charity, we are excited to share a report of our activity so far. Simone Joslyn, Head of Arts at Cardiff and Vale UHB, said, “I’m incredibly proud of what the team has achieved over the last six months. When listed together our actions are very impressive for such as small team and are reflective of the dedication we have for this programme of work. Each of these events or activities will have had (or will have) a tangible benefit to the health and wellbeing of a patient, a member of staff, or a person visiting our hospital sites.

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Tags: arts health wellbeing

Cardiff and Vale UHB Art Team Report