Case Study: Pathway to Hope

Authors(s), Creator(s) and Contributors: Heather Parnell, Capital Arts Manager, Lead artists: Sian Hughes & Sarah Jane Richards. Staff lead: Clinical Nurse Specialist: Carole Saunders

Publication Date: 12/12/2019

Categories: Case Studies

Site specific art project in Traumatic Brain Injury Unit, Morriston Hospital.


Following a traumatic brain injury, many patients experience feelings of isolation, a lack of connectedness and hopelessness. This case study charts the engagement of thirty TBIS patients involved in a site specific art project as part of the refurbishment of the TBIS Unit. Team work between staff, artists and patients was central in weekly, practical workshops for a period of 6 weeks exploring cyanotype, ceramics and colour work. The project resulted in the development of unique feature walls throughout the unit and the establishment of weekly craft workshops. It demonstrates how the promotion of art skills, co-creativity and decision taking can contribute to patient rehabilitation, a sense of belonging and a positive outlook.

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Tags: health,environment,patient,engagement,visual art, site specific,rehabilitation

Pathway to Hope