Health Inequalities Welsh NHS Confederation

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Publication Date: 04/10/2020

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Briefing Paper


The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown into sharp focus the issue of health inequalities in Wales and across the UK, and has exposed the consequences of a long-standing failure to tackle this deep-rooted and multi-faceted problem. Health inequalities, however defined, means avoidable deficits in health and wellbeing
outcomes between population groups e.g. socio-economic status and deprivation; protected characteristics such as age, sex, race, sexual orientation, disability; or geography in relation to urban or rural areas etc. Socio-economic health inequalities, for example, refer to the differences in health and wellbeing outcomes experienced by economically deprived populations compared to more affluent populations. On the other hand, the contention that engagement with
the arts can significantly improve physical and mental wellbeing is well-established, particularly among people who live with underlying health conditions and are at risk of feeling lonely or socially isolated.

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Health Inequalities Welsh NHS Confederation