Lockdown Connections

Authors(s), Creator(s) and Contributors: Sandra Harnisch-

Publication Date: 05/01/2022

Categories: Audio / Video


“I left my lockdown world and entered a whole new space in my head!” (Participant) When the Covid-19 pandemic hit the UK and the whole country went into lockdown, social isolation and mental health issues became a pressing concern for many. Harnisch-Lacey Dance saw a need for an online dance and health project. Online Healthy Creative Dance was initiated and facilitated by Sandra Harnisch-Lacey, Artistic Director of Harnisch-Lacey Dance, as a pilot project to provide online contemporary dance sessions for the over 60s during the Covid-19 lockdown. Eight women, between 60 and 70 years of age, took part in the 8 week long project, which ran from January to March 2021 and took place via Zoom once a week for an hour followed by coffee and chat. The project focused on providing a platform for participants to encounter a sense of physical and mental wellbeing and find connection both with each other and with their bodies in these socially isolating times due to Covid-19. The pro

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Lockdown Connections