Artworks Cymru Quality Principles

Authors(s), Creator(s) and Contributors: Rhian Hutchings, Ruth Garnault, Melaneia Warwick, Kathryn Williams, David Baxter, Bethan Marlowe, Angharad Evans, Cerian Black, Gareth Coles

Publication Date: 03/10/2016

Categories: Resource Packs / Kits

Supporter(s)/Funder(s): Arts Council of Wales


The journey to create these principles started with a big discussion in Carmarthen. We asked lots of questions - what does ‘quality’ mean when you are creating work with people? How do we know when we see / feel / hear quality? What do we need to do to ensure quality? We didn’t really have a framework to help us structure our conversation.

Arts Council of Wales asked us to create the ArtWorks Cymru Quality Principles to move the conversation on. They will give you a way to talk about quality that can be used by everyone who is making participatory arts. 



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Artworks Cymru Quality Principles