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Mae’r adran hon yn eich galluogi i gysylltu ag aelodau eraill o’r Rhwydwaith ar gyfer rhannu gwybodaeth a chydweithio. I greu eich Proffil Aelod WAHWN, ewch i’r Ardal Defnyddwyr.

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Wendy Keay-Bright

Wendy Keay-Bright

Creative Practitioners | Location: South East Wales

Area of Art: Visual Art, Installation Art, Audio Video, Digital, Animation

I am a designer with over two decades of experience in the area of interaction, animation and moving image design, including teaching, research and development, project management, knowledge transfer and public engagement.

Gill St John Griffiths

Gill St John Griffiths

Creative Practitioners, Health & Social Care | Location: South East Wales, South West Wales

Area of Art: Visual Art, Participatory Art, Sculpture, Mixed Media, Other

Arts and Well Being Creative Practitioner. Initiating and facilitating co-created and co-produced projects. Sharing visual stories, supporting community connection, combating isolation, promoting creative ownership. Mentor - supporting professional Artists and Designers, Startups and Graduates.

Alex Bowen

Alex Bowen

Creative Practitioners, Health & Social Care, Arts Organisation Representative, Educators & Trainers | Location: Mid Wales, South East Wales, South West Wales

Area of Art: Visual Art, Performance Art, Participatory Art, Painting, Photography, Music, Theatre, Dance, Installation Art, Sculpture, Mixed Media, Audio Video, Spoken Word, Mosaic, Ceramic, Digital, Animation

Strategic development, co-ordination and networking skills combined with a person-centred and proactive approach. Supportive and agile organisational and project manager. Proven track record in financial/ budget management and fundraising, with success in securing a wide range of funding streams.

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