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Template Campaign Letter

Senedd Welsh Parliament Elections

WAHWN encourages you to use and adapt the template to write to your candidates in the upcoming (May 2021) elections urging them to adopt an Arts Policy for mental health

Author: Prue Thimbleby

Mindful Photography for Troubled Times

This eBook will help you to develop mindful attitudes through photography. Mindful Photography Activities are included which encourage the development of nine mindful attitudes through photography.

Author: Lee Aspland

Secret Country


Older people working with Re-Live devised a powerful performance based on their lived experiences of lockdown and Covid-19.

Author: Re-Live

Traumatic Brain Injury Service Project

Engaging traumatic brain injury patients in a creative capital project at Morriston Hospital, Swansea with a focus on rehabilitative care.

Author: Heather Parnell

Concerts and Cakes

Live Music Now in the Community

Author: Heather Chandler

Dance to Health

Dance to Health, smuggles evidence-based exercise programmes into creative, social and engaging dance activity

Author: Aesop