A Private Land

16/08/2023 | Author: Penny Hallas and Susan Adams

A Private Land is an art-based research and development project, supported by Arts Council Wales and undertaken in collaboration with community groups, with a central theme of the links between emotional and environmental health.

 Its funded timeframe is February - October 2023, but it is expected that relationships and processes developed in this R&D phase will inform on-going projects.

How did the project start?

Artists Susan Adams and Penny Hallas share deep interest in inner and outer worlds: the intersections between the visible world and the realm of imagination. In searching for a collaborative project in which we could explore these concerns further, we were drawn to the former Mid Wales Hospital, Talgarth, Powys, Wales. After more than a century, its physical remains are falling into the final stages of dissolution and will most likely soon be demolished. But it is of historic importance to the local community and former patients and continues to be a site of intense and complex emotional resonance for many different communities and groups. https://powysmentalhealth.blogspot.com/2023/08/a-private-land-project-tir-diarffordd.html?fbclid=IwAR18jqv8Xzya04Sa5bzJ_4UGvvNie_PNs_nJWpz5fvYJ7xwTomV3K95pzlQ 

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A Private Land