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Seed Funding for the Arts - Gwynedd

Location: Gwynedd | Start Date: 25th June 2024


Piloting new and creative ways of working in Gwynedd. Grants of £2,000 available to local practitioners. Contact celf@gwynedd.llyw.cymru. Closing date for applications: 25th June 2024


Seed Fund, funded by Shared Prosperity Funding

Seed funding for the arts - piloting new and creative ways of working in Gwynedd

Gwynedd Council Community Arts Team are offering grants of £2,000 to creative practitioners from Gwynedd to pilot new and creative ways of working. The objective of this seed funding is to support creative practitioners based in Gwynedd, to try a new project or event, and meet one or more of the following aims...

  • Reflect upon and respond to the effects of climate change in Gwynedd
  • Explore how the arts can support health and wellbeing of the people of Gwynedd
  • Share effective lessons and new ways of working with others in the arts sector in Gwynedd
  • Piloting alternative methods of conducting arts activity in Gwynedd
  • Experiment with technology and digital methods of working to benefit the arts sector in Gwynedd
  • Reach participants or audiences in an alternative and accessible manner
  • Raise awareness of the value of arts to the lives of the people of Gwynedd
  • Ensure quality arts provision and experiences
  • Provide Welsh language arts provision or opportunities (for example providing bilingual workshops, using Welsh in marketing and social media)


We include dance, visual art, literature, music, drama, film and photography within the ‘Arts’ term.


What can be funded:

  • Workshop costs, including artists fee (applicant) and assistant fee
  • Rent for a studio or creative space
  • Materials for workshop or personal practice
  • Marketing as an element of the project


Not covered by this funding:

  • Activities outside of Gwynedd
  • Cost of holding activities that already exist
  • Activities that are making a profit
  • Applications from artists working on an existing SPF funded project in Gwynedd


Please complete the submission form and return it to celf@gwynedd.llyw.cymru by the 25th of June 2024

Projects supported by this fund need to be completed by October 31st 2024.


Seed Fund, funded by Shared Prosperity Funding