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Rest, Reflect, Restore

Start Date: 5th October 2021


Join Jane Willis Director of Willis Newson, and writer and counsellor Rachel Hawkins-Crockford, for a four-day writing retreat in a beautiful rural setting offering a creative and reflective space for those in the arts and health sector to rest, restore and reconnect with themselves and others. 



Are you tired, exhausted or just plain full up after the challenges of the past year? 
In need of some time to yourself to rest, reflect and restore your sense of energy? 
Looking for some direction for the year ahead? 

You probably know already that your ability to effectively care for others is directly impacted by making time to care for yourself. But when we are tired, depleted and running on empty, it can become increasingly hard to carve out that space when caring for our family, friends, patients or service users feels like the priority. Yet that is precisely when we most need to prioritise our own self-care. On this retreat you will explore what your own personal barriers to doing this are and how you might make it a positive commitment for the year ahead. 


This retreat is designed for those working in the caring professions – including artists, healthcare professionals and managers - to pause and reflect on how to support their own needs in order to better care for others. It offers time and space to reconnect with yourself in a safe, supportive group, drawing nourishment from some creative reflection in beautiful surroundings, this facilitated retreat offers the opportunity to explore writing as self-care and come away with some reflective writing tools and prompts to use yourself at home.  


For more information and to book visit www.willisnewson.co.uk/retreat.html