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Research Commission Arts On Prescription Pilot

Location: Gwynedd | Start Date: April 2020


Gwynedd Community Arts - Arts on Prescription Research Commission for pilot April 2020 - March 2021 - £15,600 Freelance opportunity.


Title: Gwynedd Arts on Prescription Research Study Duration of Agreement: April 2020 - end of March 2021 (approx. 12 months) Budget: £ 15,600 (excluding VAT) Application Deadline: 9am, 6 April 2020 Interview Date: 15 April 2020, Caernarfon Archive, Victoria Dock, Caernarfon Phase 1 of the research study should: i. map existing arts in health and wellbeing and social prescribing opportunities currently available for Gwynedd adult residents and their methods of delivery. ii. determine health and wellbeing priority areas, to include the NHS four areas of prevention and Gwynedd Council priorities (more details available in the Further Information section on page 8 & 9) iii. identify possible funding and income streams and methods of offering sustainable provision iv. conduct a literature review or rapid review to identify effective methods of practice and sustainable arts in health and social prescribing models v. produce initial report and recommendations to inform phase two, and design suitible research methodology for trialling sustainable arts on prescription model(s) in Gwynedd vi. apply and gain ethical approval to conduct the study Phase 2 of the research study should: i. coordinate, administrate and trial agreed model(s) of delivery ii. evaluate the effectivness of the interventon(s) on participant health & wellbeing – consider incorporating creative evaluation methodologies if possible iii. conduct SROI review on project delivery and infastructure iv. produce bilingual (Welsh-English) final report and bilingual (Welsh-English) executive summary v. produce a short bilingual (Welsh-English) video to capture and promote the project journey (to be made accessible online once approved) vi. Publically present findings in a sharing event at the end of the research project Website for full details:- www.creativegwynedd.com (under Opportunities section)