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INVITATION to Participate in an Exploratory Research Project relating to Social Prescribing for Art on Prescription

Location: On line | Start Date: December 2021


Invitation from University of South Wales Researchers to participate in an exploratory research project relating to social prescribing for ‘Art on Prescription’.

You would be engaged in three separate online activities over the next 9 weeks. The study is using a software called Group Wisdom which involves a brainstorming exercise, followed by grouping and rating activities all related to Arts on Prescription. Each activity will last no more than 20-30 minutes and you can start and come back to the activity when you have some free time.


Title of Project: Investigating Art-On-Prescription for Social Well-being in Wales: How to Achieve Critical Success Factors for Sustainability

Study team: Dr Susy Rogers, Professor Carolyn Wallace, Dr Sarah Wallace, Professor Steve Smith, and Professor David Pontin)

Your participation is important for us to understand Art on Prescription in Wales. 

Please indicate your interest in participating in this evaluation by returning this e-mail to 02099470@students.southwales.ac.uk. I will then contact you with further information and send an information sheet consent form for you to complete. Once you have returned the consent form to me, you will be provided with a link to the software and a unique username and password.