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Inner Flame: Being open to wonder through creativity and soul-filled exploration

Location: St Edwards Church, Cardiff, CF23 5DE | Start Date: 10 May, 24th May, 28th June, 1.30pm - 3pm


An opportunity to engage with themes of spirituality and creative expressions in an informal group setting.

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Esyllt George: Dramatherapist, Relational Artist & Creative Facilitator

Andrew Phillips: Visual Artist, Art Psychotherapist


Our intention for the Inner Flame groups is that they will emphasise deepening a sense of mystery in life, inspiring new questions and ideas to live with. We hope that participants will leave with an enriched sense of possibilities for imaginative creative expression within their life.

To live with a sense of mystery and wonder is a deeply important human need, which can often be neglected or overlooked. The group encourages curiosity about these aspects of life, as weseek to find forms, images, and words through which to explore them. Together we nurture the 'spirit of enquiry' by engaging with what we each bring as individuals, and themes that emerge from the group as a whole. These points of connection can provide rejuvenation on a personal level, and act as a medicine for the times in which we live.

We welcome people of all faiths, spiritual paths, and those who are keen to explore this aspect of themselves.


St Edwards Church, Cardiff, CF23 5DE

10th May, 24th May, 28th June

1.30pm - 3.00pm


Further information and Booking : andrewvphillips.co.uk


Questions and enquiries: esylltcaerdydd@gmail.com / aphillips.arts@gmail.com