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Hapus: Starting A National Conversation on Mental Wellbeing


You're invited to join the launch of 'Hapus National Conversation' on mental wellbeing in July 2024


Hapus: Starting A National Conversation on Mental Wellbeing 

Date and Time: Monday 8th of July 1:30pm- 4pm

Join Public Health Wales for the opening of the 'Hapus National Conversation' on mental wellbeing. 

Promoting mental wellbeing is a high priority in Wales with a new 10-year Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy currently out for consultation, which includes a specific focus on protecting and improving mental wellbeing. 

Hapus is facilitated by Public Health Wales and aims to initiate and sustain a national conversation that encourages individuals and communities to prioritise their mental wellbeing and to engage with activities that protect and promote mental wellbeing. 

Join them to learn about mental wellbeing, what it is and what influences it and how you can support the national conversation. 

You will also have the opportunity to take part in a wellbeing-promoting activity to help boost your own mental wellbeing. 

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