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GARTH Arts and Health Evaluator Call Out

Start Date: 27.05.21


GARTH (Gwent Arts in Health) are looking for an arts and health evaluator for their HARP Nourish programme.  


Arts in Health Programme @ ABUHB
May 2021
Expression of Interest – apply by 5pm Friday 11th June 2021

Arts in Health p/t Freelance Evaluator for the Nourish Art Programme
Commissioned by Gwent Arts in Health in partnership with ABUHB
June 21 – Mar 22
Budget: £4,000.00

We are looking for an experienced external project evaluator to support our Nourish Arts in Health
programme by:

- Developing an evaluation framework for the various activity streams
- Supporting team members in its implementation
- Providing advice on appropriate methodologies to help capture feedback
- Collecting and collating data, which could include video work
- Writing case studies (WAHWN template structure) where appropriate


GARTH has worked in partnership with ABUHB for over 15 years and is now supported by an Arts in Health
Project Officer (Families and Therapies) forming a team of 2 part time staff. The Nourish project is being
delivered jointly, and with other external partners.
Our Nourish Arts Programme
In February ‘21, we were successful in applying for a HARP Nourish grant to support the delivery of specific
arts health and wellbeing projects in addition to our ongoing programme.
The main aim of the project is to develop the breadth and scope of the arts and health ecology within the
ABUHB, and to collect, collate and share good practice contributing to the Health Board’s priorities around
reducing health inequalities, in particular relating to mental health and well-being.
We have initiated a Creative Forum within the Health Board for staff members to share best practice and
contribute towards an arts in health framework.
There are several proposed activity strands which will inform the main aim.Our Evaluation Plan:
Our overarching aim for the programme is to integrate and embed best practice in arts, health and wellbeing
projects through establishing a HB-wide Creative Forum which informs an emergent Arts Strategy for
ABUHB. By promoting our creative healthcare projects and others that emerge within the HB, we want to
encourage arts champions across all directorates who will support future A&H delivery.
Each of the project strands will have specific KPIs for participants with an appropriate evaluation method
(e.g. Short WEMWBS, Brunnsviken Brief Quality of Life Scale) which note changes in wellbeing both physical
and mental, self-efficacy and resilience for our participants. An increase in positive scores against these
criteria will indicate success. Each project will generate a case study for internal and external dissemination
(using the WAHWN template).
Key evaluation questions for us are:
- What can be learnt and shared from this work?
- Can this work be replicated?
- Are there other clinical teams who could benefit from working in this way?
- What does this work tell us that can be translated into other settings?
- Who are the other people that need to be involved in this conversation?
Some of the work with young people and families has generated a wider dialogue about how creativity can
contribute to a positive environment for mental health and wellbeing; e.g., practitioners in Adult Mental
Health have shown interest in the methodology of the GCP projects, and are developing links between the
These projects will also form a critical part in the wider dialogue of demonstrating that arts in health can
have a positive contribution to addressing health inequalities within the community - and in particular
addressing mental health and wellbeing needs.
Success for the wider sector will be long-term partnership working with external arts organisations and
individual practitioners that expands our capacity and expertise, and actively supports professionals working
in arts, health and wellbeing through training, peer-to-peer networks and innovative practice.
How to apply:
Please email your expression of interest to: Eleanor.Davis2@wales.nhs.uk by 5pm Friday 11rd June 2021.
Shortlisting and interviews will take place by 25th June.
Applications will be considered on what is submitted by email.
Your EOI should include:
 A brief statement on why you are interested in this opportunity (500 words max), and your initial
 2 examples of relevant evaluation work in this field
 Your CV
 Your professional rates statement
 You may include links to online examples
For further information, please contact: Eleanor.Davis2@wales.nhs.ukFurther Info:
Garth - The aim of Gwent Arts in Health (GARTH) is to develop and deliver an ongoing programme of arts
experiences for patients, staff and the greater communities of the Aneurin Bevan University Health Board
that will support improvements to their health and wellbeing, and to enhance their experiences o


Contact: Eleanor.Davis2@wales.nhs.uk