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Connecting CYSYLLTU

Location: Pontio, Bangor | Start Date: 14.01.24


Pontio Bangor,    Sunday 14 January 2024,    6-8 p m

Immerse yourself in Paint, Film, Clay, Movement and Sound as we share our unique and exciting project




About the Cysylltu…. project

Based on workshops and R&D during Summer 2023, and co-created by members of community groups, artists and health professionals, CYSYLLTU creates new conversations, beyond words, promoting well-being and improved mental health through engagement with a rich mix of creative disciplines.

The interactive/immersive public sharing events at Pontio on 14 January 2024 comprise

·         an exhibition lasting 3 weeks giving a live taste of each of the workshops and

·         a multi disciplinary artistic expression of Cysytlltu written and performed by professional artists with lived experience.


 The event will be documented and become a legacy film, which with other legacy materials can be shared wider than the audience in Bangor.

There is already an interest in using the findings of this project to develop a future model for social arts prescribing and we are keen to share our ideas more widely by inviting a range of potential partners, particularly among healthcare professionals..

Uniquely Cysylltu is:

·         Originally driven by a recovery community commission.

·         Artists have lived experience.

·         Participation from diverse, multi-lingual, BAME, LGBTQ+, disabled communities.

·         Artists and non artists collaborate, mentor and learn from each other.

·         Many involved from workshops stage




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