Opportunities in Arts in Health

Baring Foundation - Arts & Mental Health Funding

Location: UK | Start Date: Deadline 18th August


The Baring Foundation have just opened their new arts and mental health funding programme inviting applications from UK arts organisations who are specifically working with people with mental health conditions.



With this funding, they are offering modest, unrestricted grants to established organisations in the UK that focus solely on offering creative opportunities to people of any age living with mental health problems using the skills of professionally trained artists. This approach has been chosen to respond in the best way we can to the pressures the sector is undergoing due to the COVID-19 crisis. This is the first funding call in what will be a long-term commitment to funding arts and mental health. We will expand beyond this starting place as we know that a great deal of valuable work is being done by other organisations which this first round of funding will not be able to support. Are we eligible? Importantly, organisations which only concern themselves with work relating to creativity with people, including children and young people, with mental health problems are eligible for this funding round. Grants are not available in this call for organisations which undertake this work as one part of a broader offer. A small number of further eligibility criteria are listed in the Guidelines. Please do read them carefully. What can the grants be used for? Our grants will be one-off and unrestricted. The grant is to serve your charitable purpose as you best see fit.