Opportunities in Arts in Health

ACW Call Out for arts and health related video content

Location: Wales | Start Date: 06-09-2021


ACW call out for video content to raise the profile of the impact of the arts on health and wellbeing. Rough edits and unfinished work is acceptable, as well as finished pieces. Contact Amy Fleming artsandhealth@arts.wales for more information  


Do you have any video content that we could feature?


We are asking arts and health organisations and freelance individuals if you have any video content of Arts and Health activity that you are able to share with us? This could be anything from raw, un-edited footage to a final published masterpiece. We are looking for English, Welsh or bilingual video content, no matter how big or small and filmed on any device. Don’t worry if your footage needs editing – we’ve got that covered!  All you need to do is complete the Content Collector form (at the bottom of this page) for your video to be considered. In return, we will be shining the light on your brilliant projects by featuring snippets across our media channels.

We are also looking to create new content to support our mission. If you have a project or activity planned for the near future, we would be very interested in speaking to you about potentially recording some activity and interviewing participants. If you have a project in mind, please also complete a Content Collector form (below) and if we think it will fit with our upcoming themes, someone will be in touch to arrange an initial conversation.

What will we do with the content?

Our Comms team, with the relevant permissions, will collate a bank of footage and organise it into Arts and Health themes and activity (e.g. creative activities for improved mental health; arts on prescription etc). It will be cut up by our in-house editors and re-hashed into a series of smaller, bite-sized videos that can be used to raise the profile of Arts & Health on our social media channels and Website. We may also have opportunities to feature individual projects separately.


Important notes (and the small print)


Express permission from the owner of the material and from the participants for using the material in the way described must be secured prior to sharing any content. By sharing links to content, or sending us video files you are confirming you hold this permission and can produce a copy of any required permissions upon request. We may need to ask you for this evidence in the event of a query.

If you have had work done professionally, you will need the permission from the owner of the intellectual property rights for us to use the films for wider promotional purpose. We may need to contact the film maker directly to ensure any changes to video footage in length or look will be done so with express permission from them and upon us producing drafts for their approval. We may contact you in relation to this.

We are happy to credit work that appears to the organisation or individual, however please note, we will be using Arts Council of Wales branding in any work that is re-edited and publicised through our channels  

We will store the content for the 3 year duration on a secure platform, password protected and only accessible to Arts Council of Wales staff). We won’t use the content you have shared with us for anything other than the purpose described above, nor share directly with a third party for their use without your express permission. We’ll dispose of the content securely after the 3 year period.

Should you/the owner wish to withdraw consent for our use of the footage during this period you may do so by contacting us

Please now complete and submit the https://artswales.formstack.com/forms/arts_and_health_video_uploader

 and follow the instructions that will follow.