New Pathways Messages of Hope

As a response to an identified need to reduce stigma around sexual violence and to enable people to feel comfortable to come forward for support, New Pathways have piloted an innovative new way of supporting survivors of rape and sexual abuse.

·      Messages of Hope is a showcase of stories, poems and creative photographs from people affected by sexual violence who have already accessed support, to encourage others to come forward and feel less isolated.

·      Messages of Hope is run by New Pathways with Matilda Tonkin-Wells and Jain Boon and is funded by HARP (Health, Arts, Research, People), a partnership between Arts Council of Wales, Nesta and Cardiff University’s ‘Y Lab’ with Nesta’s People Powered Results team and Wales Arts Health and Wellbeing Network.

·      Working alongside arts practitioners, New Pathways’ service users shared their stories to reach other people who have been affected by sexual violence and show that help is available through New Pathways and that no-one has to be alone with their experiences. https://ylab.wales/harp-seed