25/03/2021 | Author: Sarah Hall

NHS Covid rehab project at Ysbyty r Seren in Brigend. A multi disciplinary well being team delivering to an elderly patient cohort in a pilot project to use holistic practice in social prescribing as part of rehabilitation.

at Seren we have chaplaincy, mental health matters, arts projects, chair yoga, movement classes and shiatsu touch for well being. Its been a unique approach the Cwm Taf health board has innovated within the field hospital which was originally set up for hospital overflow but has been populated by patients recovering from Covid until they are well enough to go home. Alot of the work that's been done has been voluntary and some of it externally funded, with 3 roles funded by the health board only. The patient well being coordinator and the medical lead there have been visionary in their inclusion and support of the project I am involved in 'movement and touch for well being'. I am a Shiatsu practitioner and have been funded for 12 sessions by the charity Superagers , I am half way through this project now and it has been brilliant. The response from patients to my work has been overwhelming, therapeutic touch on the ward. For people who have mostly never received this kind of treatment in their lives they have been so open to it and engaged in their responses . Seemingly drinking in the touch that they so desperately need for their comfort and mental health. Staff have been really supportive of my work on the ward also and I'm working to get some sessions for them sorted.

When this project ends I have no continuation funding as yet, I am not being taken forward by Arts and Health who are potentially being taken up by other community hospitals in the area. I'm writing this blog by way of introducing myself and my work and to make any contacts who may be able to help with ideas for doing more of this kind of work within the health boards. If anyone has any ideas please contact me !


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